Do you admire beautiful finishes or unique wood grains?
Has your eye ever been drawn to a stunning piece of furniture?
Do quality and detail have meaning to you?

Wayne Coulis, the founder of
Coulis Cabinets...

is a master woodworker whose attention to detail can clearly be seen in his work. As an accomplished musician and artist, Wayne brings beauty and uniqueness to his craft. You should come to expect precise, clean and accurate projects, always completed within your timeframe. With open and friendly communication, we stirve to bring your dream project to fruition.

When it comes to the fine art of custom mill work, we work personally with you to achieve the fine look and detail you desire from your furniture. Be it a commercial or residential project. With this kind of investment, you should feel completely relaxed and at ease knowing that your time and money are well worth the end result.

Custom design kitchen with horizontal Zebrano veneer, coloured lacquer and stainless steel finishes. Ottawa On.

At Coulis Cabinets, we make the conscious effort to perfect everything we're involved with. Asking a lot of questions is a big part of just how we like to clearly understand each and every client. With an unequivocal level of expertise and craftsmanship, we'll exceed your expectations while working within your financial budget.

Contemporary/Macintosh style design kitchen in a coloured lacquer finish. Located in Kanata On.

Specializing in both select residential and commercial projects, each detail is precisely crafted to perfection. Fine finishes are artfully applied to achieve a perfect sheen or antiqued look. Through a custom designer, or from our own ideas, we'll discuss your project details with the utmost clarity and finesse. From new kitchens to the restoration of an old favourite, no project is too big or too small.

Feel free to peruse the photo gallery and contact me with any questions or concerns.